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Special Offer
$300 for 3 months
Unlimited Use on any Sim


Discovery Flight

12 Planes on site

Cessnas, Pipers and Diamond Stars available

Most affordable rates in the area

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We have 15+ Certified Flight Instructors to pick from, speaking English, French, Russian...


The Discovery Flight Experience

Have you always wanted to learn flying? Hop onto our Cessna 172 in this one hour Introductory Flying Lesson over the San Francisco Bay area. Start your adventure at the Hayward Executive Airport in Hayward, CA. Our Certified Flight Instructor will meet you and an additional guest at our office, head over to our own parking where you will learn about the plane and go through the prefight safety check.


Following a quick briefing, you will hop into the aircraft, strap yourselves in and you are ready to go. Your Instructor Pilot will taxi the plane down the run way for take-off. Once airborne, you can explore by taking over the controls and discover first-hand what it is like to pilot an airplane! Depending upon weather and air traffic, you will fly over the bay or over Lake Chabot and take in the gorgeous sights of the Bay, the Oakland Harbor, the Bay Bridge, San Francisco Skyline and the Golden Gate Bridge.


Throughout the Flight Lesson, our experienced instructors will teach you some of the basics of flying a light aircraft, managing complex airspace and aerial landmark recognition. We are sure you will love your Discovery Flight experience and hope this is your first step into the world of aviation.

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Start a career by getting certified for instruments and commercial pilot.

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Private Pilot at your pace

Full-time students can achieve 50 hours of flight time in just 6 weeks, then continue to further training.

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